Wormco Liquid Organic Fertiliser – 1000L IBC


Wormco Liquid Organic Fertiliser

Size: 1000L IBC

Wormco Liquid Fertiliser is a concentrated organic liquid fertiliser excreted by worms in the vermicomposting process.

The key to this concentrate is the worms food source which contains a nutrient blend organic plant and ocean sources with crushed minerals, seaweed, fish, lime, rock phosphate, and other natural nutrients, which ultimately convert to a powerful & microbe-rich plant food.


Key Benefits

  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased water retention
  • Stronger plant growth
  • Higher crop quality & yields
  • Natural & Organic


Wormco Liquid Fertiliser is suitable for use on all commercial crops, vines, and trees, as well as wholesale produced plants, domestic crops and non-food bearing plants.

The liquid is generally applied during the plant’s growth phase, through either drip fed irrigation, fertigation, or spray irrigation / foliage spray at a guide of 5-10% concentration.

Wormco fertiliser products have undergone extensive analysis, testing and growing trials. The product has been tested for the nutrient and mineral levels, as well as the compost maturity and levels of microbes present.

Contact a Wormco consultant for more information.

For general applications via a sprayer, seed inoculant, liquid injection or drip systems combine 5L (5%) of Wormco Liquid Fertiliser with 95L (95%) water.

For crops, apply Wormco Liquid Fertiliser at germination and growth stages and support with Worm Hit Pellets for optimum results. For pasture and lawns, apply Wormco Liquid Fertiliser at seasonal changes, or when fertilisation is required.

Discuss your specific requirements with your distributor, agronomist or contact Worm Hit Pty Ltd for further information.

Australian Organic Registered Farm Input