WORMCAST ULTRA Brick – 1.2kg Compressed Worm Fertiliser


WORMCAST ULTRA Brick – 1.2kg Compressed Worm Fertiliser



Size: 1.2kg Premium worm casting compressed brick fertiliser

A high performing, organically certified fertiliser that delivers key nutrients to plants and crops, while simultaneously improving soil structure and soil water retention capabilities through the growth of humus and beneficial microbes.  WORMCAST ULTRA Bricks are a slow release, high microbial colony forming, biological fertiliser in a 1.2kg compressed brick form. These bricks have been cleverly designed to be broken in half for greater control on usage.

WORMCAST ULTRA Bricks are perfect for new plantings of citrus, avocado, and almond trees, and any tree in which can aid from accessing a steady nutrient source to help turbo boost the root structure of the plant. Trees planted with WORMCAST ULTRA Bricks grow faster and stronger and this will help to get plants into commercial production.


Key Benefits

  • Easy to apply, simply add to hole while planting a tree or shrub
  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased water retention
  • Stronger plant growth
  • Higher crop quality & yields
  • Natural & Organic


WORMCAST ULTRA Bricks are suitable for use on all trees and shrubs.

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WORMCAST ULTRA Premium Organic Fertiliser is a natural, all-year-round fertiliser and soil conditioner suitable for use on all plants and trees.

Fruit Trees & Other Trees: Break in half and add both halves of the WORMCAST ULTRA Brick into the hole prior to planting. Backfill with quality soil. Apply 500g of pellets to the surface of the soil / base of the tree at the start of each season. Water in after application.

Large Shrubs & Other Large Plants: Break in half and add one half of the WORMCAST ULTRA Brick into the hole prior to planting. Apply 2 spoonfull of pellets to the surface of the soil every 8 weeks for optimal growth. Water in after application.

Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs: Use WORMCAST ULTRA Pellets for all smaller plants and crops like vegetable and flowers

Microbe Concentrations

Contained within WORMCAST ULTRA fertiliser is an abundance of beneficial microbes including:

Fungi – helps plant roots to expand, increases the efficiency of nutrient uptake and decreases water requirements on the plant.
Bacteria – consumes organic matter and materials broken down by decomposing fungi with the soil, helping with nutrient cycling.
Protozoa – converts nutrients from bacteria and fungi into a form usable by plants and delivering this close to the plant’s roots.
Beneficial Nematodes – help fight off and consume harmful predatory nematodes within the soil, together with enhancing the soil’s ecosystem and nutrient availability for the plant.


Due to the ability of microbes to increase nutrient availability within the soil the technical analysis of this product may be significantly lower than the actual nutrient availability (actual results being better) when the product is used and microbes are activated and develop within the soil.