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Leading the way with organic worm casting enriched fertilisers

High performing, easy application, worm casting enriched and organically certified fertilisers that enhance plant and crop health, growth and performance, while simultaneously improving soil structure and soil water retention capabilities through the growth of humus and beneficial microbes

Wormco Product Range

Worm fertilisers for organic farming

The commercial application product, Worm Hit & Wormco Liquid Fertiliser have been specifically designed to enrich the soil of commercial farms, cropland and pastures to help grow stronger, healthier and higher yielding crops. Worm Hit Pellets can be sown with seeds or boardcast spread, whereas the slow release compressed Worm Hit Brick is designed to be planted with new tree plantings. Read more on the Worm Hit & commerical range…

Organic garden worm casting fertiliser

Wormco brings the benefits of high performing organic fertilisers to the home garden and lawns with Wormcast ULTRA. This worm casting produced fertilisers provides an organic and natural way to supercharge the growth of your home gardens, vegetable gardens, and lawns. Read more on Wormcast ULTRA…

Worm Casting Fertiliser Benefits

Maximises nutrient availability

Our range of products are produced from microbe, enzyme and nutrient-rich worm castings and are combined with a natural microbe food-source to create this unique, high performing organic fertiliser. Read more…

Improves soil structure

The biological mix of microbes, together with the increase humus mass help to improve the soils overall structure, nutrient levels and water holding capacity, as well as increase soil aeration and oxygen availability. Read more…

Increases yields and quality

Capitalising on the ongoing growth of the soil’s improved ecosystem, its enhanced structure and the improved availability of nutrients, minerals, water and oxygen from within the soil, the plant is supported during all of the various stages of the plant’s growth. Read more…

Disease suppression

Minimises the need for disease controlling chemicals due to both a stronger plant being grown, that can suppress disease-causing organisms. Read more…

Contains humic acid

Humic acids, a humic substance that forms a major component of humus, enhances nutrient uptake of plants by increasing root formation and elongation, as well as increasing the permeability of root cell membrane, stimulating root growth and increasing proliferation of ‘root hairs’. Read more…

Crop Suitability

Worm Hit Pellets, Worm Hit Bricks, Wormco Liquid, and Wormcast ULTRA fertiliser products are suitable for use on all commercial crops and trees, wholesale produced plants and domestic crops and non-food baring plants. Read more…

Environmentally Positive

Worms convert unwanted organic waste material (such as food scraps, farming by-product & food production waste) into a rich, natural, organic and environmentally sustainable fertiliser to help grow the food that feeds our world.

By prohibiting the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals, certified organic farming utilising Wormco supplied fertilisers, such as Worm Hit, reduces its impact on the surrounding environment by reducing run-off into nearby waterways.

Organic Certification

All bulk Worm Hit Pellets products distributed by Wormco hold an organic certification status issued by Australian Organics to the manufacturer. Australian Organics is the peak body in Australia for organic auditing and certification.

The Australian Certified Organic Standard prohibits the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

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