Helping create a healthy and sustainable future through natural and organic fertilisers

About WormCO

A truly visionary company

A better world through better farming, better returns for the farmer, better produce and a healthier society.

With a growing population, rising food production costs and a global focus on environmental sustainability a small team from Victoria identified worm castings as the organic powerhouse fertiliser of the future and began investigating a solution to the application challenges of this natural product.

Wormco is focused on distributing a range of high performing, easy application, organically certified fertilisers that deliver key nutrients to plants and crops, while simultaneously improving soil structure and soil water retention capabilities through the growth of humus and beneficial microbes.

The company’s vision focused on helping to create a healthier world, not only for the environment but everything living in it. Wormco aims to contribute to this goal via more sustainable, natural farming practices and the reduction of inorganic fertilisers.