Wormco Worm Hit Pellets – 16kg


Worm Hit Pellets

Worm Hit Pellets are a uniquely developed product that packs the beneficial properties of vermicastings into a powerful and easy to apply pellet. The pellets are 4mm in diameter to suit a range of agricultural applications including broadacre, horticulture, viticulture and the home garden market.


Key Benefits

  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased water retention
  • Stronger plant growth
  • Higher crop quality & yields
  • Natural & Organic


Worm Hit Pellets are suitable for use on all commercial crops and trees, wholesale produced plants and domestic crops and non-food baring plants.

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Worm Hit fertiliser products have undergone extensive analysis, testing and growing trials. The product has been tested for the nutrient and mineral levels, as well as the compost maturity and levels of microbes present.

Contained within Worm Hit fertiliser is an abundance of beneficial microbes including:

Fungi – helps plant roots to expand, increases the efficiency of nutrient uptake and decreases water requirements on the plant.
Bacteria – consumes organic matter and materials broken down by decomposing fungi with the soil, helping with nutrient cycling.
Protozoa – converts nutrients from bacteria and fungi into a form usable by plants and delivering this close to the plant’s roots.
Beneficial Nematodes – help fight off and consume harmful predatory nematodes within the soil, together with enhancing the soil’s ecosystem and nutrient availability for the plant.

Worm Hit Pellets application rates may vary on crop, irrigation, plant density per hectare, current soil condition and average rainfall. Discuss your specific requirements with your distributor, agronomist or contact Worm Hit Pty Ltd for further information.

Australian Organic Registered Farm Input – Allowed Input 12669
Australian Organic Registered Garden Input – Allowed Input 12669